Vijayapura, an important historical city of Karnataka is well known for its monumental heritage. It is associated with many prominent dynasties that ruled the region, including Adil Shahi. The city is known for its past glory, where the greatest mathematician and astronomer of medieval India, Bhaskara-II was born. This was the home for many sufi saints and a rich culture was instilled among the people by the great saints like Lord Basaveswara and Akkamahadevi. Gol Gumbuz, the largest dome ever built next to St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, with respect to size is the pride of Vijayapura (Bijapur). Other monuments include Ibrahim Roza, Jama Masjid, Taas Bawdi, Asar Mahal, Upali Buruz, Malik-Maidan-E-Tohf, etc.

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Gol Gumbuz
Gol Gumbuz

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