Dr. P. G. Halakatti Research Centre

Guidance for literature and research

  • At Dr. P. G. Halakatti Reserach Centre, established in the name of the founder of BLDEA, activities such as literature, research work and career guidance are carried out.
  • The Centre has the pride of translating ancient Adil Shahi literature into Kannada and other National and International languages including French, Spanish and German. Till date the centre has translated and published 12 editions.
  • The ‘Chintana Balaga’ of Dr. P. G. Halakatti Centre is promoting and organising birth anniversaries of several dignitaries who have made significant contribution to the State in their respective fields
  • It also organises lectures, seminars, interaction programmes, etc.
  • The centre, besides providing necessary encouragement to undertake research activities and paper presentations, also provides necessary guidance and facilities for research students.
  • The Centre has sponsored a bus shelter in front of the campus on Sholapur road for the benefit of students and public.

Dignitaries visited

  • Former Chief Minister Sri S. M. Krishna
  • Former Chief Minister J. H. Patel
  • Former Central Minister Sri Mallikarjun Kharge and former Chief Minister B. S. Yedyurappa
  • Former Minister K. H. Ranganth
  • Former Central Minister Sushilkumar Shinde
  • Kannada matinee idol Padmabhushana Dr. Rajkumar
  • Bill Gates couple
  • Pontiffs of several reputed maths in the State
  • Poojya Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji

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